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Python & Django - Free Course

Instructor: LearnOA

Language: English

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Why should I take this training?

Python, and its high-level framework named Django has become extremely popular among IT enthusiasts as it is amazing in many ways. Both, Python Django framework provides support to using human-readable website URLs. This isn’t only good for the actual user but also for the search engines. Thus, allowing you to gain rank for the website easily. Django has the potential to prevent a number of common security mistakes, which is a huge improvement over PHP. Python is extremely ideal for bootstrappers as it can be deployed quickly and it requires less amount of code.

From NASA to Facebook, all the top-notch companies use Python with Django. This clearly calls for masters of Python and all its popular frameworks (such as Django), thus, ensuring work for you as a web developer. You can even build your own product or service.

Average Salary of a Python developer is approximately $123,484 or approximately Rs. 86,43,880 per annum ( salary data).

Training Details

The Python and Django Certification Training Program from LearnOA intends to make the learner proficient in developing real-world web-based apps (by using Django) & Python programming. This training program will help you in learning the basics concepts such as Variables, Operators, Control Statements, Data Structures, functions, etc. as well as the advanced concepts such as Packages and modules, Exception Handling, OOPs, Database, Generators, Decorators, etc. The Django part covers all the aspects such as Installation and Architecture of Django, Django Admin, Models, and Migrations, Creating Views, Templates, Sessions, Authentication, etc.

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