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With the advent of COVID 19, and hence the work-from-home culture, the recruitments have also taken an online turn, and so have the appraisals along with other functions which involve assessments. Today, online assessment is not just about taking the assessment remotely on a computer; it also involves changes in the way assessments are scheduled, designed, conducted, monitored and evaluated.

 It has not only given us the flexibility to take the assessments from anywhere in the world but also given us more control over the structure, sequence, marking schemes, and a lot more. There was a shortcoming as well. It was a general assumption that online assessments are full of cheating and malpractices. This necessity became the mother of the invention called PROCTORED ASSESSMENTS.We provide AI proctored assessments that record the video of students taking the test and use AI to analyse students by recognizing the behavior that looks like cheating.

Methodologies for aI Proctoring

Snapshot / Video proctored

The platform gives a choice of either taking snapshots of candidates at regular intervals within the assessment time or recording the candidate for the entire duration of the test and rendering the file in a video format.

Full-screen restricted

Our platform restricts the candidates to full screen during the entire duration of the test so that they cannot toggle between the tabs. To accommodate rare events of toggling out by mistake/in an emergency, we can set the tolerance level of such activities on the platform.

Anomaly detection and reporting

The platform detects all the unusual elements around the candidate, including the candidate himself, to prohibit cheating and malpractices. For example multiple people present on the screen, a candidate not present for some time, an electronic gadget present, etc. Our system will notify us about the anomalies.

Detailed section-wise analytics and reporting

After successful completion of the test, the software generates a detailed section-wise report of the candidates - both a summary report having a summary of all the candidate's evaluation, as well as a detailed individual report having an analysis of the specific candidate’s performance.

IP Address restricted

We can also give us an option to ensure that the test access is restricted to specific IP addresses only.

Copy-Paste Restriction

The platform does not allow copying and pasting from external sources so as to prohibit cheating and other malpratices.

Technical Assessments

Technical assessments measure a learner’s understanding of technology-related concepts, understanding of the requirement, algorithmic approach, the efficiency of code, understanding of code, analytics, etc.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) create customized technical assessments as per the organization’s job-specific needs to efficiently evaluate the technical skills of the candidates to appropriately filter the best candidates.

Coding Assessments

Coding assessments or coding skills tests consist of a set of problem(s) given to the developers to check their programming and development skills. This type of assessment may include front-end development, back-end development, or full-stack development. Our subject matter experts create fully customized coding assessments that include easy-to-advanced problem statements, examples, and input-output constraints that must be executed by the developers with the integrated test cases to evaluate the written code from all possible types of inputs and conditions. Features regarding coding assessments include:

  1. Candidates cannot Switch tabs to get online assistance/references during a test.
  2. Candidates cannot Copy-paste code from another computer or the web.
  3. There is proper Identity verification and hence, other users cannot take the test on behalf of the candidate on their computer parallelly.
  4. Does Not allow multiple users in one frame.
  5. Candidates cannot minimize the full-screen mode as it is restricted.

Psychometric assessments

To identify the basic etiquette, knowledge and personality and to check whether the person is the right person for the job we conduct psychometric tests. It is a tool to assess a learner’s performance based on their behaviour, response, personality as well as cognitive skills. Psychometric tests are the combination of personality tests and aptitude tests. Here, we design a test series to assess the fundamental vocabulary, psychological and behavioural level of an individual, positive and negative personality traits, motivation values and preferences and, to assess the capacity of an individual when dealing with critical judgement and the candidate’s power of observation. These test series include:

  1. Numerical reasoning: To assess a candidate's ability to handle and interpret numerical data.
  2. Verbal reasoning: To assess the ability to understand and comprehend written passages and grammar.
  3. Inductive reasoning: This involves drawing a general conclusion from a set of specific observations.
  4. Diagrammatic reasoning: It helps to assess the ability to interpret data presented in tables, graphs and charts.
  5. Logical reasoning tests: It measures a candidate's problem-solving ability based on logic.
  6. Error checking: It measures your ability to identify errors in different types of data.

Behavioral and personality assessments

Behavioral and personality assessments, as the name suggests, provide insights into a candidate’s behavior and personality - how they perceive themselves, how they work, how they perceive their work, how they communicate and think, what motivates them, and their attitude in different situations, their approach towards solving problems, their mental control, professionalism, perseverance, etc. which makes it easy to predict how successful they will be in a particular job role. These assessments measure Behavioral Competencies which is a combination of skills, knowledge, attitude, feeling, perceptions and traits in an individual. In these assessments, we use tools like situational judgement tests, business-related case studies, group discussions and much more in order to identify the various aspects of behaviour in a person.

Cognitive assessments

To determine an individual's general thinking and reasoning abilities, our Cognitive assessments include a series of tests designed to measure the cognitive responses of the individual regarding specific functions such as attention to detail, memorization, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, verbal abilities, etc.We conduct various types of cognitive assessments such as:

1. Learning Agility Assessments

These help to measure key competencies for leadership, teamwork and business excellence.

2. Critical Thinking Ability Tests

It assesses the ability to use a range of logical skills to evaluate given information and make a judgment.

3. Abstract Reasoning Tests

An abstract reasoning test assesses your ability to identify and interpret patterns and their continuity.

4. Problem-Solving Assessments

it is the ability to identify the nature of a problem, deconstruct it (break it down) and develop an effective set of actions to address the challenges related to it.

Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are excellent predictors of learning and future success. Reliability of the scoring system, diversity in types of questions, and customization possibilities are a few of the key features of a good aptitude test. They objectively measure job fitment and ability to perform in a role.Basic methodology behind aptitude tests is that Fluid Reasoning and Crystallized Reasoning together defines Human aptitude. Now what exactly fluid reasoning and crystallized reasoning mean?

Fluid reasoning is basically the ability to perceive things and absorb new information to solve problems in novel situations and Crystallized reasoning is the ability to retrieve and use information acquired over lifetime/ use of pre-acquired knowledge to perform tasks.Our tests include questions based on general aptitude, critical-thinking, Decision-making, Abstract reasoning, Logical reasoning, Verbal ability, Spatial reasoning, Problem solving , etc.

Hackathons & appathons

Hackathons provide a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving. We conduct hackathons by providing real-world problem statements from the top-notched companies to the candidates and ask them to prepare presentations, design solutions, build applications related to that to test their critical thinking as well as programming skills. This not only develops their hard coding skills but also soft skills like presentation skills, leadership skills, teamwork etc.

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