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With the dynamism of the business world, every sector needs people who are constantly learning, upskilling themselves, and evolving to be at par with the ever-increasing standards of the new world. 

Your employees need to be up to date with the skills and attitude required to do their jobs efficiently.

We offer corporate training solutions catering to a large set of corporate challenges and requirements.

We tailor-design training solutions to perfectly fit your organizational needs and are completely aligned with your organizational objectives.

Technology Training

Technology training is all about obtaining the necessary functional skills to perform a technical job or to increase the efficiency of the job. 

From programming languages, data structures, databases, and industry-specific software/tools to complex app development, our wide range of professional training programs is designed to advance your technical abilities through classroom or online training, self-paced learning modules, webinars, hackathons, skill-a-thons, and much more. 

Our large set of technology stack is based on multiple technologies and the skills that are needed to design, develop, implement, maintain, support or operate a particular technology or related application, product, or service.


Cloud Computing

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Programming Languages & Web Development

Big Data and Hadoop


Robotic Process Automation


CRM, HCM & Business Management

Operating Systems and Databases

Data Visualization, ETL & BI

Microsoft .Net

Cyber Security

Mobile App Development

Quality Management

Digital Marketing

Behavioral Skills

Behavioral skills are an essential part of improving one's ability to work with others and create a rapport among them and work complementary with functional skills. Our experts train you in all aspects of developing soft skills such as communication, client interactions, interpersonal skills, time management, listening skills, etc. Our instructor-led soft skill workshops provide training on the entire spectrum of behavioral skills right from emotional intelligence, email etiquette, and time management to what it means to have a strong work ethic, and demonstrate teamwork and core values.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills make you stand out from the crowd, they act as the cherry on the cake. We have expertise in delivering many types of presentation skills such as:

Persuasive Presentation

The skills presented in this training can be very useful to a wide range of employees from experienced leaders in almost all functions to entry-level positions in the sales teams, negotiation teams, feedback management teams, etc. The implementation of these skills is mostly in business pitches, sales proposals, negotiations, etc.

Instructional / Informational Presentation

 Instructional presentation training programs train audiences on skills, procedures, and best practices for presenting specific information, guidelines, steps, or instructions. These training programs can be very useful for quality teams, compliance teams, audit teams, project requirement teams, etc. The implementation of these skills is very widespread and can be applied in almost all the functions of an organization.

Inspirational Presentations

Training programs on Inspirational presentations can be of the utmost value for the leadership or management of the organizations. These train on the skills of generating interest, gaining attention, gaining approval, etc. through your presentation. A great use-case of this is while providing an overview of the company what is its purpose, how it was founded, its core values, etc.

Project Management

Without Project Management, a team can be like a ship without a rudder; moving but without direction, control, or purpose. Project Management is very important for coordination among the team members working across different levels in an organization in order to ensure they’re working towards a common objective, and moving in the same direction. 

Our Project Management training programs include the Scope and requirements design and development, Project Budgeting, Time management, Resource Management, Risk management, contingency planning, Project Documentation, etc. in order to ensure comprehensive success towards achieving the agreed goals and deliverables.

Leadership Development

While Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things.”Leadership enables the leaders of the organization in improving their skills to lead. We help them excel in Decision making, Program Management, Strategic Planning, Network building, Team management, Innovation, Fostering the culture of learning, and others. We create an effective leadership training program by understanding the business goals, identifying the most suitable mix of leadership styles, defining learning objectives, and creating the right mix of leadership training methods such as:


enables leaders-in-training to participate and interact with other people to develop leadership skills such as interpersonal communication.


Trainers will provide a lecture on various leadership topics based on experience.

Leadership Activities 

It tells how to perform in a team by teaching basic leadership skills such as teamwork, organizational communication, and listening skills.

Group Discussions

Allows a group of leaders to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with one another.

Sales and Service

Sales and service working together allow both teams to better understand customers’ needs, their challenges, and what matters to them – as well as how this might change or evolve.

Sales Training Programs

We design our sales training programs in such a way that helps employees to improve their selling skills, techniques, and processes - for all the stages of sales viz. lead generation, pre-sales, proposal, negotiation, closing, post-sales, etc. in the most domain-specific method.
Our training programs focus on topics related to client relationship management, better understanding customers' needs, enhancing communication with clients, providing effective feedback to clients, receiving and acting on client feedback, and improving client interactions.

Service Training Programs

Service is all about creating customer delight and building a strong relationship leading to brand loyalty. It improves customer satisfaction as well as increases long-term profits.

The customer service training could be in the form of instructor-led training, webinars, self-learning, Performance Support programs, etc.

Compliance, Risk and, Quality


Compliance training enables the employees to make sure that they are compliant with laws and regulations so that the organization, as well as an employee, operate safely and efficiently.Good corporate compliance programs help to prevent poor conduct and ensure proper governance in your organization. This helps to minimize risk, maintain your reputation, and provides a better environment for your employees to work in – benefiting productivity in the long run. We organize training programs on some of the following types of courses :

  • Anti-Harassment Training
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Substance Abuse
  • Information Security Training
  • HR Law
  • Diversity Training 


Effective risk management training can help your team to recognize and understand how managing their risk benefits them, their performance, and the broader enterprise objectives.We provide training programs that help the workforce get ready to face all contingency situations and to prevent and mitigate risks before it occurs.This results in the increase of the quality of product/service deliverables, associated timelines and outcomes.We provide training programs like Fundamentals of risk management, Embedding Risk Management, Project Risk Management, Purpose of risk management, Operational Risks Calculated Risks, Contingency Management,etc. 


Quality management is an area of the business world that focuses specifically on the consistency of a product/service. We provide training programs related to the skills that are imperative to the quality management of products/services and also to creating and managing quality management systems. These include Quality Management essentials, Six-sigma certification training, Lean Production, Strategic Quality Management, Project Management and Quality Assurance etc.


Team Building and Collaboration Workshops

Effective teamwork doesn’t happen by accident – you need team members who understand themselves, know how to communicate effectively, manage conflict, solve problems, and make decisions and trust each other. Our workshops teach you how to positively contribute to a team both as a leader and as a team member. We offer training programs that help to:

  • Phases of building an efficient team
  • Recognize the importance and implications of having different personalities, strengths, and skills in a team.
  • Effective communication techniques, dos, and don’ts, best practices
  • Recognize the most common conflicts and how to prevent them ahead of time and/or manage them once they arise.
  • Understand your conflict style and train on conflict management.
  • Identify ways to make your team more aligned with each other and hence, more effective.
  • Problem-solving approaches and techniques

Train The Trainer(TTT) Program

Trainers are the centerpiece of a memorable and successful training session. A-Train the Trainer Programme offers a learning & development framework run for facilitators or subject matter experts to enable them to go on to train other employees within their organizations and beyond. We provide a TTT program that explains to the trainers how participants learn and cover various learning styles, skills of trainers, various learning methods, activities and exercises, the designing of training programs and ends with the delivery of training.

You can utilize our TTT programs if you have an internal team of process trainers, compliance trainers within HR, Sales trainers, or even when you want some employees to start training others along with their functional responsibilities.

CRM and HCM Tools

To support a system in governing business operations enterprise-wide, data is at the core of managing all the company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers, helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

We offer customized training programs at all the levels of major CRM and HCM tools like Salesforce, Pega, Workday, Zoho, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc. which you can utilize to get your workforce skilled to leverage the power of data.

Cybersecurity Training Programs

Every day, new cyber threats are emerging, and this makes Cyber Security one of the most valuable tech skills to master today! Our cybersecurity training programs encourage employees to understand IT security issues, identify security risks, and learn the importance of responding to cybersecurity issues. Our training includes everything from basic cybersecurity awareness training to advanced training on security-driven networking, adaptive cloud security, AI-driven security operations and zero-trust network access. 

Some of the training programs we offer are Introduction to:

  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • Applied Ethical Hacking
  • Information security management fundamentals
  • Cisco Certified Security Professional - CCSP
  • Certified Information Security Manager - CISM
  • Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor - CISA
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional - CISSP
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Certified Information systems security professionals 
        and many other customizable programs...

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