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The traditional modes of classroom-based training are rapidly changing due to advancements in learning technologies and advanced media formats. This is the time when innovative e-learning comes into play. Developing effective and engaging e-learning includes analyzing learning styles, applying learning principles along with instructional design principles that enable the learners to effectively retain the knowledge they have gained, and equipping them with the mindset to implement that knowledge. Our Instructional/Visual Designers use interactive elements such as animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, and user interactions to keep learners engaged and involved. We design the learning content in different forms to suit different types of audiences depending on their learning background, learning style, purpose, etc. We are experts in designing course Curricula, course content, practice scenarios, case studies, activities, quizzes, and assessments. We also develop artifacts like digital eBooks, eLearning modules, self-directed modules, and classroom material (learners guide, facilitator guide, presentations, etc)

Content Development Features

Device Compatibility

High-End Animations

Content Expertise

Browser Compatibility

Simulations and Labs

Voice-Over & Captions


Gamified Content

Custom Video Learning Development

Screen-Capture Videos

To train the audience on some software or tool, the best type of videos are screen capture videos. In this type of video, the audio contains the instructor’s voice explaining the process, along with the video showing the demonstration simultaneously. For example, training on Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop or Camtasia will give the best experience in screen capture videos.

2D Animation Videos

In this type of video, we generally use flat visuals which is an excellent way to make simple animated videos for learning purposes. For example, to illustrate rules of social distancing or teaching about theoretical topics like statistical analysis, etc.

3D Animation Videos

Here, we can model or photograph almost any object in three-dimension and see the objects in the videos as if the learners had that object in front of them. For example, demonstrating human anatomy, working of an induction motor, etc. are the best use-cases for them.

MicroLearning Videos

The traditional learning methods like textbooks, lectures, hours-long online courses are too time-consuming to fit in today’s busy work schedules. Microlearning videos are short videos through which learners can understand bite-size topics, such as an Excel formula, Tips, and Tricks in just a few minutes. We index the microlearning content to further save learner’s time and efforts.

Motion Graphics Videos

To outline or emphasize facts and to illustrate a point you're trying to make, Motion-graphic video is a great format to explain complex concepts and processes. In these types of videos, we combine sound, symbols, charts, text, and animation to explain the concept thoroughly.

Interactive Learning Development

A lot of content that’s online these days simply delivers a message to a viewer but Interactions are designed to increase learner engagement, retention, and application since they allow them to learn complex concepts interactively through a fun viewing experience.

In this type of learning development, we put interactive elements in the learning content to engage the learners. These interactions can be as small as pressing a button to know more, up to complex functionalities like dragging-dropping correct pairs with each other. These interactions also bring the learner’s focus back to the learning in case they’ve been distracted for a while.

We organize this by placing realistic challenges like quizzes, assignments, and polls throughout the training which creates an interactive environment and includes leaderboards, badges, and rewards to provide learners with a sense of achievement and progress.

Voice-Over & Captioning Services


Imagine a video that is perfectly capable of delivering the message through the presentation slide decks but it is voiceless and the only way to understand the message is to decipher it from the video. Now, what will be the outcome? The audience will find it uninteresting, and unengaging and even the purpose will not be clear. Voice and its transcription within the presentation(s) should be attractive and clear enough to persuade the target audience. Here, our voice-over services play an important role.

We provide professional voiceover services that record the voice of the trainer along with the presentation explaining the concept and it goes through multiple stages to ensure a quality product to make sure that the voice has perfect timing and rhythm to match with the content displayed on the screen.


Without captions, videos are inaccessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Also, the videos are useless for people who are used to some other language. Imagine watching videos in an alien language that you don’t understand at all. No subtitles, no way to make sense of anything. You have no idea what is going on and it’s really frustrating.
Captioning makes the content more accessible, enriches the experience of the viewer, and attracts a lot more viewers around the world, including those who are learning a new language and also people with hearing difficulties.

Custom Raw Content Development

The success of the training program relies on many factors - one of them is the quality of the training material. The raw content which acts as a reference during the live training (ILT, VILT) plays a very important role in determining the outcomes of the training. Designed efficiently, it may reduce the trainer’s efforts by more than 50% by acting as a guide, visual help as well as an anchor for the training.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) analyze the business needs, the learning needs, the learner profiles and develop interactive raw content such as slide decks, presenter notes, handouts, product data sheets, course overviews, learning objectives and, storyboards to be delivered to the learners during the training program.

Regionalization, Localization 

and Translation

Training is not truly effective unless presented in a language that is native to your audience.
We provide a wide range of translation and localization services to train learners in the language they understand best. Our team ensures that graphics, themes, and multimedia elements are effectively localized to achieve the desired local ‘look-and-feel’ effect.
What we offer-

  • We convert the texts to any local or international language by altering the existing framework of the material.
  • Develop country-specific culturally neutral content. For example, if a traffic-specific image sign from any country needs to be used, it would be changed to one suitable for all countries.

Instructional Design Services

Instructional design services can enhance value to the training initiatives by providing subject matter expertise and instructional design.

Our team of instructional designers works closely with clients from diverse industries to create storyboards by capturing Learning content, styles and navigations, narrations, graphic design requirements, and developer’s instructions.

Real-World Based Projects and Case-Studies Development

We provide case studies and real-world projects to check the knowledge of the employees and analyze their performance.

Case studies and projects can be used in any discipline when instructors want students to explore what they have learned applies to real-world situations. We develop Case studies by using the data, which may be collected through the review of existing documents like data points, reports, situations, observations, and surveys.

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