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Why should I take this training?

With more than 1 billion Android gadgets already present around the globe, Android has become one of the best job opportunities for developers.
As Android keeps on developing past phones, it will end up being the minds behind undetectable, universal cloud cloud-connected computing. The aptitudes you learn in this program will enable you to manufacture marvelous applications for cell phones and tablets today and impel you towards opportunities in Android's future.
After you finish this program, You'll be able to comprehend the difficulties related with producing for the mobile environment (and the ways to overcome them), figure out how to assemble an incredible user experience for Android gadgets, and apply this learning to your projects.

Average Salary of is approximately $126,851 per year or approximately Rs 88,79,570 per annum ( salary data).


 Training Details

With the help of this online training program, you indeed can become a certified Android app developer. Through this program, our expert trainers will make you understand the basics of Android Studio and the integrated development environment (IDE) that are supported by Google to built Android apps and includes activities, user interfaces, layouts, controls, services, multimedia APIs,  Content Provider, etc. After that, once you have gained the necessary knowledge, you will be provided with information related to the more advanced concepts like wireless connectivity, Android Wear App development, syncing to cloud, and Google Play. This training program will help you acquire all the necessary prowess and experience in Android app development.


What will you learn?

By the end of Android App Development certification training, you will learn:
- Basics of android, mobile apps market and its architecture
- The use of Android SDK to build your very own apps
- The working of Android SDK to add permissions to your app
- Building menu and layout in android
- Factors of Android and application resources
- Acquire the understanding of Android architecture
- To build an application which can be published on the Google Play
- The use of Android development tools
- To create applications using SQLite database
- Working on maps API
- To use different Layouts and Widgets
- To upgrade user experience

 What else you will get?

Along with the training content, you will also get everything which is applicable from the following on this program:
- Codes Snippets
- Sample Programs
- Informational PPTs
- Installation and Configuration Guidelines
- Class Notes
- Interview Questions
- How-Tos
- Useful links
- Case studies
- Real-life examples

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