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Data Science with R


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Why should I take this training?

Data science is no less than an evolutionary step in the fields that relate to more than one branch of knowledge and consolidates computer science, insights, and modeling. To take total advantage of these opportunities, you need an organized training with educational modules that are according to the current industry prerequisites and best practices.
Other than solid theoretical understanding, you have to take a learn from different genuine projects that utilize several tools from different orders to accumulate an information set, process and get bits of knowledge from the information set, get valuable information from the set, and decipher it for essential decision-making purposes.

Average salary for a DevOps professional is approximately $128,372 per year or approximately Rs. 89,86,040 per annum (Indeed Salary Data).

Training Details:

Data science is an "idea to bind together insights, data analysis and their related strategies" to "comprehend and investigate real wonders" with information. Data Science training program from LearnOA utilizes procedures and hypotheses that are drawn from numerous fields inside the expansive territories of maths, statistics, data science, and software engineering from the sub-spaces of AI, classification, information mining, & databases. This Data Science certification training program empowers you to acquire information of the whole life cycle of Data Science, investigate and picture diverse informational collections, distinctive Machine Learning Algorithms like Decision Trees, K-Means Clustering, Naive Bayes and Random Forest.
With the help of LearnOA’s Data Science with R training program, you will be able to gain access to high-quality eLearning content on Linear Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Machine Learning ALgorithms, Advanced Machine Learning like Gradient Boosting and Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning Fundamentals, etc. and other resources. Along with all this, you will be made aware of various case-studies which have been set as examples of excellent use-cases of Data Science and its proven advantages that will make sure that you follow the right path and become a data scientist.

What will you learn?

- Learn about the various R libraries like Dplyr, Data.table used to manipulate data
- Work on data preparation, data manipulation, data exploration and optimization techniques.
- The use of R graphics libraries
- Work with different data formats like XML, CSV, etc.
- To understand the nature of data
- Data Mining techniques and their implementation
- Evaluate data using Machine Learning algorithms in R
- Tools and techniques for Data Transformation
- Master the concepts of Deep Learning
- Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction
- Business Intelligence and Visualization through QlikSense

What else you will get?

Along with the training content, you will also get everything which is applicable from the following on this program:
- Codes Snippets
- Sample Programs
- Informational PPTs
- Installation and Configuration Guidelines
- Class Notes
- Interview Questions
- How-Tos
- Useful links
- Case studies
- Real-life examples

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