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Instructor: LearnOA

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Why should I take this training?

Microsoft Azure is the utmost demanding and fastest-growing cloud computing resource in IT organizations. A vast number of IT professionals are adopting cloud computing facilities. Cloud computing allows transfers of information effectively with fewer efforts.

Microsoft Azure certified candidates have huge demands in recent years. Many big companies are performing all their business processes on virtual machines in the public cloud as the cloud technology is expanding rapidly in the IT sector. 

Average Salary of Cloud Engineer ranges approximately $119,006 to $141,049 per annum ( salary data).


Training Details:

Microsoft Azure Training program from Learnoa is designed to make you a certified Azure practitioner by providing you with the detailed explanations for the Microsoft Cloud. This Training will master you in Azure cloud application and will provide you an accelerated grasp on virtual networks, load balancing, network gateways, SQL database, data migration, and Azure Backup services. 
This Microsoft Azure training will help you to build services, manage and store applications and deploy in the cloud. This training is for a beginner as well as a project manager who wants to get certified. There are sessions on how to create a free Azure account from where you can start your learning and deploy, creating and connecting Virtual Machine (VM). You will get to know about Azure networking, site to site configuration and point to site networking, traffic management, creating virtual network gateways and data migration from on-premises to cloud.
By the end of this training, you will gain complete knowledge of “Microsoft Azure – The Microsoft Cloud”. This training will also cover the fundamentals of security and integration of Microsoft Azure.


What will you learn?

- All about Cloud technology
- All about Azure Virtual Machines
- All about Azure Virtual Networks
- Web Infrastructure in Azure
- Designing scalable and resilient cloud applications
- Processing background logic using Azure
- Storing tabular data, Files and Media in Azure
- Implementing Security in Web Applications using Azure
- Deploying Web Applications to Azure


What else you will get?

Along with the training content, you will also get everything which is applicable from the following on this program:

- Codes Snippets
- Sample Programs
- Informational PPTs
- Installation and Configuration Guidelines
- Class Notes
- Interview Questions
- HowTos
- Useful links
- Case studies
- Reallife examples

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