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Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) Certification Training


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Instructor: LearnOA

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Learnoa presents Instructor-Led self-paced comprehensive technology training programs.
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We give you the same quality as of a LIVE INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING PROGRAM.
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Why should I take this training?

Business Intelligence certainly is emerging as a fast-growing function. Today, top Indian Companies like and Eveready Industries are using BI to enhance customer interface and analyse sales data. BI as a function is finding a strong footing in the sectors of e-commerce and retail, finance (banking, insurance etc.), and surprisingly in the industries of gaming, food, fashion, public transport as well as governance. As the dependence on data increases, almost any usage of data will require analytics and Business Intelligence to extract actionable insights in the future. 

Average Salary of Big Data Hadoop Developers is approximately $95,220 or approximately Rs. 66,65,400 per annum ( salary data).


Training Details

The Microsoft Business Intelligence Online Training Program from Learnoa helps the learner to gain insights in multiple tools of Microsoft BI Suite, such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), etc. 
- This training program first takes you through all the basic and advanced SQL concepts as well, to give a good start. These will     include Data Types, Queries, Procedures, Functions, Transactions, Exception Handling, Triggers, to list a few.
- Then it takes you through SSIS which will include SQL Server Management Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio       (BIDS), Basic and advanced Control Flow, Data Flow, Debugging and Error Handling, SSIS Package deployment and                       Management, etc.
- After SSIS, comes SSRS which includes Creating Reports, Formatting, Grouping, Sorting, Matrix Reports and Charts, Managing     and Programming Reporting Services, etc.
- The next comes SSAS which will include OLAP Modelling, SSAS in BIDS, Advanced SSAS, MDX, SSAS Administration, etc.


What will you learn?

- To analyze data sets and software programs 
- The use of SQL server integration service
- Examine connections and make significant data that are given
- Modifying data warehousing and enterprise-level reporting
- To blend various BI tools to build a complete BI solution
- Solve business based Project on analytics

What else you will get?

Along with the training content, you will also get everything which is applicable from the following on this program:
- Codes Snippets
- Sample Programs
- Informational PPTs
- Installation and Configuration Guidelines
- Class Notes
- Interview Questions
- How-Tos
- Useful links
- Case studies
- Real-life examples

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