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Microsoft .Net Certification Training


 32 hours of video training        

 30 hours of hands-on practical experience

 Self-paced Instructor-Led               

 Training by Industry expert

 End-of-training Project

 Notes / Interview questions / Practice material

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Instructor: LearnOA

Language: English

Max Viewing Hours: 128 Hours

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Quality education now comes with an affordable price tag.  

Learnoa presents Instructor-Led self-paced comprehensive technology training programs.
We give you the same experience as of a LIVE INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING PROGRAM.
We give you the same quality as of a LIVE INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING PROGRAM.
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As a bonus, we also arrange for doubt clearing sessions with instructors, on learner’s request.
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Why should I take this training?

Do you dream of becoming a professional web developer? If yes, then this is the absolutely right resource for you! Learn how to program like a pro using Microsoft .NET Framework. 
Despite the ever-changing world of technology, .NET is said to be here in demand for long since we need always backend services for most of the things we do in an application. Either you build large enterprise applications or mobile applications, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) has become an industry standard to build distributed applications. WCF is also a part of .NET. 

The average annual salary for a .NET Developer is approximately $91,959 or approximately Rs. 64,37,130 per annum (Indeed Salary Data).

Training Details:

Whether you are completely new to software development or have already learned the details, this training will walk you through everything you need to know to become a world class .NET developer. The Microsoft .NET Certification Training provided by Learnoa will train you to step by step from the absolute details like C# concepts, SQL Server concepts, JQuery, JavaScript, etc. to the more advanced patterns like LINQ, Entity Framework, MVC, etc. used by seasoned professionals. Take your career to the next level and learn how the top developers can demand bigger salaries! This complete training program will give you in-depth knowledge about how the developers can efficiently produce dynamic web pages and applications and help in providing web services. 

By the end of this training, you will be trained on every concept related to this Microsoft's technology with its relevant examples and case studies and you will be able to make your own full stack web application using the programming language you love on .NET platform.

What will you learn?

- .NET Web Application Development
- Install .NET Development Environment
- Navigate .NET Development Environment
- Markup Language & JSON
- UI/UX for Responsive Design
- Database Management (SQL Server)
- Developing ASP .NET MVC Web Applications
- How to add forms to your project and navigate through it
- How to use toolbox window and add toolbox elements to your project
- Be able to discuss the function of libraries in .net
- Understand how to reference other screens and utilities
- Understand how to work with a SQL database in Visual Studio
- How to create your own database using SQL server
- Identify the differences between C# and Visual Basic
- How to write fundamental C# structures
- Apply basic debugging techniques to your work
- Understand how to bundle your project and send it to the end user
- How to add and remove components from a web-based project
-How to apply CSS styles within a web page
-How to deploy an application on the web


What else you will get?

Along with the training content, you will also get whatever is applicable from the following on this program:
- Codes Snippets
- Sample Programs
- Informational PPTs
- Installation and Configuration Guidelines
- Class Notes
- Interview Questions
- How-Tos
- Useful links
- Case studies
- Real-life examples

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