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PEGA (PRPC) - Free Course

Instructor: LearnOA

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Why should I take this training?

PRPC or PEGA Rules Process controller is a business process management tool developed in Java. The tool holds a strong position among the corporations in various sectors like finance, banking & health care. The recent trends suggest that Pega resources are and will be in great demand because the clients using it will and are increasing. The tool is highly adaptable as per the latest changes and evolving time, therefore, holds a huge market share.

Average Salary for Pega ranges from approximately $97,739 or Rs 68,41,730 per year for Developer to approximately $141,621 per or Rs 99,13,470 per year for Software Architect ( Salary Data).


Training Details

The PEGA (PRPC) 7.3 certification online training program from Learnoa introduces you to various aspects of this awesome tool like user portals, UI & form design, ClassGroup/WorkPool, etc. Further, the program even lets you familiar with the creation of the data model and lets you understand UI, Advanced UI, Obj-methods, RDB-methods, etc. Advanced concepts of the tool like assigning the work, Validation, Integration Connectors, SLA( Service Level Agreements), Connecting to external Database, Using Dynamic SQL, Configuring Web Services (SOAP), etc. are also covered be in details in this training program. This training program gives you everything you require to take Pega PRPC 7.3 Certification.

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