Cloud Skills: Career-Building with AWS Certifications

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Out of many technology courses that are available in the market, AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification is one that holds the most value. Although the technology keeps on changing and along with it, new training programs keep coming up, but this one holds a rare significance.

As refreshing and enriching it is, rarely you will get to see any certification program like this one. For an IT professional, it is highly recommended to get a cloud certification at some stage, even when the job you are in does not need one. But why?

The standard for Cloud Skills - AWS

It is a fact that AWS is the most mature cloud vendor that has the most extensive collection of products for management, development and more. It means that this is an in-built direct line to the most prominent products and training. Also, it does not need any web-search or getting into an expensive university/boot camp.

There are critical differences that are found between Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in terms of their architecture and product portfolio. However, the best thing to say here is that getting certified in AWS core products will let you gain more on Azure and GCP quickly.

The AWS certification program, the oldest and most extensive, places them in much higher demand that has more value in the job market and has a predictable future. Such certifications are put on the top in the "respect" chart. Also, their curriculum and testing carry huge recognition industry-wide.

Where to Begin?

There are nine certification tracks in total and it's not easy to remember the beginning of your certification journey. No matter if you are a technical expert, wrapping your head around the size of the complexity of the AWS products is tough. Since it is impossible to become an expert in all the products that are offered by AWS, hence, getting hands on some critical services becomes necessary.

For instance, each AWS professional must be well aware of the following -

  • Identity and Access Management,
  • Virtual Private Cloud,
  • RDS,
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2),
  • Route53,
  • DynamoDB,
  • S3 and more.

But after learning the core fundamentals, how do you narrow down to what’s significant out of the available 200 products? Ergo, starting with a generalized career roadmap and then working backward is always recommended. Here’s the process to follow -

Prepare a secure cloud foundation as an “Associate.”

Take the Solutions Architect – Associate test as it will help in building a strong establishment on what AWS is, including point by point learning on AWS core items. It gives a reliable establishment on the off chance that you seek to go after the DevOps path. It will also prepare you to the Developer-Associate certification.

Take your cloud career path to a professional stage.

This could be your next intersection to choose whether you'd like to concentrate on developing cloud migration/application design plans or cloud automation (DevOps).

Develop a strong & deep specialty

As your career advances, you can proceed down to any openings with AWS including Machine Learning, Serverless, and more.

AWS certification - Tips to Get Certified

AWS affirmations can be troublesome; however, don't give up. Here are not many useful tidbits as you begin down the way:

  • To a technical certification, there is no theoretical value. The technology you are working with is real and tangible; hence, make sure that you have signed up for a free AWS subscription and get hands-on experience on the product.
  • Once you start working hard with AWS, you will be able to get a quick hold of the curriculum. You can easily take help of the rich documentation as the tips can be easily found all over the actual interface. Moreover, they help in your fast learning and in the wake of being able to navigate the interface, design and use the features, reading the documentation is extremely important.
  • When you are up for associate exams, it is always recommended to read the blueprint of the exam along with the requirements. Also, going through the read related products FAQs is useful. Reading AWS online documentation is best for professional/specialty tracks. And that’s all excellent stuff.
  • Discipline brings about promising results. Before booking the test, take online AWS evaluation tests from Learnoa. However, don't depend on training tests alone. They're incredible for estimating your AWS information, but AWS routinely re-makes and rewards the inquiries in all respects. This isn't about repetition remembrance; it's tied in with placing ideas into training.
  • Get ready to put in the Time. AWS tests are difficult. Anticipate some substantial investment of your time and exertion. Try not to try keeping any data in your mind that is liable to consistent change, for example, item pricing or precise specifications.
  • AWS needs to test your capacity to plan and incorporate different items together to give a general answer for an issue. While you have to zoom inside and out on related items, you similarly need to see how those items identify with one another to give a bundled solution for a customer's need.

Job predictions for AWS developers

Image credits - Klaus Vedfelt | Getty Images

In the cloud-services industry, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an 800-pound gorilla. It is undoubtedly the rapidly growing platform platform that has added many features in the past several years while becoming progressively cheaper. This has resulted in many businesses (small or large) placing their on-premises infrastructure in the favor of AWS. For the same reason, it has increased demand for experts in this technology and leverage their experience by operating in the inner working of the platform.

To be the Amazon Web Services know-how, it is imperative for you to earn the certification which include three associate exams (AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, and AWS Certified Developer). There are two professional exams (AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer).

 With the continuous booming of AWS and capturing a large section of the public cloud computing market, at some point your career will intersect with it. Fortunately, the organization needs to get their experts ready to use its items as effectively as feasible for all kinds of organizations. Incorporating AWS certifications in your self-improvement plan is, therefore, highly recommended. It has served many well, and it'll do the same precisely for you.


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