MSBI – The intelligence every Agent must learn before any business

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S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury –

“Remember Cap! Ofcourse you do.”

“Steve Rogers aka Caprtain America, when he went through that chamber and came out, partnered with world’s biggest giant to frames an intelligence protocol – MSBI. Also, this is how we dismatled HYDRA. Therefore, it became a must learn for every agent.”

Let’s start be decrypting MSBI –

Business intelligence or BI is the art of converting the data into information. You might think that data and information both mean the same thing but in reaity, are different - data is more of a technical format.

Make it more clear, I have one good example that sums up everything including the difference. The data is found in *CSV, SQL server and Excel formats which is easily undertood by the experts. However, when it comes to applyong it or presenting it to the users, it becomes hard. This can only be resolved when the data is presented in a much impler manner, allowing the users to understand it. This is wher BI comes into action. As told earlier, this is the art or the process in which the technical data is transformed into an info which is user dependable.

That’s like making the Star Lord understand –

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Now when you implement this whole data warahouse on any mission aka business then giving analysis or decison-making results with the help of set of tools. This is called Business Intelligence (BI). The tool kit which is present inside the SQL server that helps in implementing the data warehouse came to existence after they were introduced by Microsoft. Ergo, it came to known as  Microsoft Business intelligence (MSBI).


Now it is said that “once a soldier is always a soldier” but to be an agent you must be more than a soldier. And a true agent is one who has purpose and understands or perhaps knows the answer to why –

  • With the help of MSBI, you can store data, get the processing and make fast decisions in business.
  • For acquiring business intelligence, it can provide you with the resource tools that will let benefit from the solutions.
  • Many companies look for the experts and need SSAS, SSIS and SSRS Professionals. The trend for the same grows rapidly.

Importance of MSBI:

  • MSBI enables the client to get to the refreshed and exact information which thusly encourages appropriate basic leadership in the association (companies).
  • Various procedures to be taken up in business insight require a diverse arrangement of instruments for the arrangements and MSBI gives the client various apparatuses to achieve the assignment. It has a significant application in Online Transaction Processing.
  • Business Intelligence has a significant job in practically a wide range of business in the future. The conspicuous reason being the treatment of huge information, its investigation and settling on keen choices identified with the association is engaged with each part being IT, Engineering, Architecture, Banking, Government and Private organizations and so on… and MSBI serves all the important prerequisites of BI.

How good your future be with all the carrer opportunities in Business Intelligence?

  • In IT, BI happens to be the most exploding field. When things are beyond control, companies always look towards BI in order to survive in the IT jungle.
  • BI makes you a super agnt – one who can, even with minimum knowledge, put huge impact that goes a long way. 

Its perspectives in the future are as follows:

Forecasting with the help of MSBI:

Data mining tools and the predictive analysis are widely used by MSBI. Both have the ptential to help in making the future predictions. How? Well, by doing the analysis of data from the present & past. With the help of the tools and the experts, an organization can overcome the failures and increase their strengths while working towards better understanding the customer’s requorements. Also, it helps in decreasing the chances for any loss that might occur.

Using Business intelligence boradly:

In the begining when BI cam into being, I still remember very handful of our agents were willing to go with BI. But once they cam to an understanding, they started using it more. Today, it has taken up a pace which is increasing day by day. Also, the number of people using Data Analysis have also increased. Try understanding this with an example –

Earlier Tony Stark was just the billionaire, the philanthropist and the playboy. But once the situation prevailed and he had to habdle them in his own way, he came out saying this –

Thank me later for letting you understand it in such an easy manner.

Big Data Analytics :

An immense measure of information is produced each day rather every minute. It is critical to appropriately gather the information, sort out the information, investigate the information and finally protect the information for later reference. 

The procedure can be muddled whenever passed out by old strategies. MSBI causes you to accomplish such a prerequisite right away.

Real Time Data :

A standout amongst the most significant purposes behind the expanding interest for MSBI is because of Real-Time Business Intelligence. It is equipped for creating the business report not long after its event inside the scope of a couple of milliseconds. In contrast with the customary technique that gives just the information identified with past ongoing enables you to make the promptly required remedies and to take the correct choices. It is extremely fundamental for the fruitful running of a business.


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