The 6 steps to becoming an Android app developer

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To become an Android application developer, here’s a quick guide of 6 steps that you must follow –

Step one – Collect various tools Android SDK, Java, Eclipse + ADT Plugin
Android development is easy as it can be done on a computer or even a Linux machine. The other good thing about it is that you don’t have to pay for any other tools. Simply get the latest version of SE along with Android SDK (Software Development Kit). In the SDK, you will find Android's emulator, Android code libraries, and some useful command-line tools.


Step two – Get to know more about the Java Programming Language
Mostly, Java is used to create Android applications. For Android application development, a strong command of Java is extremely important. Java’s object-oriented programming model is utilized by Android.

Step three – Knowing the lifecycle of Android Application
Regardless of whether you've composed work area or web applications previously, it's basic to comprehend that composing applications for cell phones are an extraordinary encounter. With a work area application, the working framework oversees different applications and their needs. In Android, it's dependent upon you to code your application to deal with outside events. For instance, what will an app do of the phone starts ringing during a resource-consuming animation?

Step four– Understand more about Android API
With the app getting built-in the Java language, packages to the command-set are completely added by the Android API (application programming interface). Right from the on-board camera feature to the audio recording one, the Android packages help you to write code to control them. When you have a solid direction of these bundles, you will have the option to execute the equipment and highlights of Android gadgets in your applications.

Step five– Get on with your first Android Application
Creating your first Android App can appear to be overwhelming, yet the procedure will be simpler and increasingly pleasurable on the off chance that you pick a subject that you appreciate. Compose your application in different emphases, beginning with the essential highlights and extending its capacities with each pass. Investigate and test cautiously en route to guarantee that your application works in all circumstances. Testing ought to be directed on a genuine Android gadget just as in the emulator.

The last step- Distribute Your Android App
Android Applications can be circulated through the official Android Market, your very own site, or through an outsider site, for example, the Appstore for Android. To convey your application through the official Android Market you should enlist as an official Android engineer, which at the hour of this composing is a one-time charge of $25. Not at all like Apple's App Store, Google's measures for application acknowledgment are genuinely careless.
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