Unboxing Hadoop Developer – Roadmap and reasons for its popularity

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Who is a Hadoop Developer?

If you have got that sophisticated knowledge of Hadoop components as well as tools, then you know you are a Hadoop Developer. These are professional programmers who design, develop, and deploy Hadoop applications by using strong documentation skills.

The roadmap to Becoming a Hadoop Developer

  • To be a Hadoop developer, you must have a firm grip on SQL basics as well as Distributed systems.
  • A beginner, it would be better for you to get to know the terms of SQL & database as it will help in learning the Hadoop Components.
  • Strong Programming skills are a must in languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS
  • was used to develop Hadoop, which gave birth to many programming languages such as Scala and Scripting languages PigLatin. If you have got hold of these programming languages, it would be very beneficial for you as a beginner.
  • If you want to understand the terms of Hadoop, you should create your own Hadoop Projects.
  • A Bachelor's Degree in computer science and engineering is a must as it makes it easy to understand the technicalities of Hadoop.
  • Minimum experience of 2 to 3 years is needed
  • a start-up or work as an intern in a company to gain the minimum experience in the technology to increase your chances of getting placed as a professional Hadoop developer.

Now, the time has come where we try to unbox the reasons for Hadoop being so much in demand.

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Why is Hadoop in such a High Demand?
In the ongoing activity review, as indicated by the most significant activity gateway, the indeed.com, we have discovered that Hadoop is broadly utilized in vital parts among all the main MNCs. The reasons are as follows:

  • It is profoundly adaptable.
  • It is intended to be deficiency tolerant, practically any potential attacks.
  • It is well—knows for Hyper information handling capacities.
  • It is profoundly financially savvy contrasted with conventional information servers.
  • It is anything but difficult to keep up, and above all, it is adequately adaptable.
  • Additionally, there is an enormous hole between the opportunities and accessible Hadoop engineers.
  • Around 50,000 opportunities for Hadoop Developers are accessible in India.
  • India is the benefactor of 12% of Hadoop Developer employments in the overall market.
  • Numerous enormous MNCs in India are offering attractive pay rates for Hadoop Developers in India.
  • 80% of companies are searching for Hadoop specialists.
  • The Big Data Analytics showcase in India is now esteemed at $2 Billion. It is needed to develop at a CAGR of 26 percent, coming to roughly $16 Billion by 2025, making India's offer around 32 percent in the general worldwide market.
  • This adds to one-fifth of India's KPO showcase worth $5.6 billion.
  • As per the reports of The Hindu, it is predicted that before the finish of 2019, India alone will confront a deficiency of near three lakh Data Scientists.
  • This introduces a vast career and development opportunity.

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