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The series of question related to Android app development certification listed here are for both – freshers and experienced. All of them have been put together after discussing with the experts and conducting thorough research.

Android has the biggest user base of any mobile platforms found on the planet. Accordingly, engineers who have aced the OS are in incredible interest. Obviously, with regards to finding a new line of work, you need to show your mastery, your energy for innovation and pass an interview to win a job that pays well. To help you regarding the same, read the following interview questions that are specifically designed for fresher and experienced candidates.

Que 1 - Define the different phases of the Activity life cycle?

With the transitions of the activity from one state to another, the notification of the change is sent by calls to these protected methods:

  • void onStart()
  • void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
  • void onResume()
  • void onRestart()
  • void onStop()
  • void onPause()
  • void onDestroy()

All of them define the complete lifecycle of an activity.

Que 2 – Define Explicit Intent?

In an unequivocal aim, the movement that is required to react to the aim is determined. To be exact, the objective parts are expressly assigned. This is regularly utilized for application interior messages.

Que 3 - Define Implicit Intent?

In an understood goal, just the plan is proclaimed and the action that can react to the purpose is left to the stage. Here the objective part isn't pronounced, henceforth it is generally utilized for enacting segments of different applications too.

Que 4 - Define the AndroidManifest file?

Applications affirm their parts like the .apk document that additionally holds the application's code, records, and assets in a show record that is packaged into the Android bundle. The manifest is an organized XML document and is constantly named AndroidManifest.xml for all applications. It is additionally utilized for naming libraries that should be connected and recognizing any permissions the application hopes to get.

Que 5 - Differentiate between a file, a class and an activity in android?

File – It is a resource used for storing information.
Class – It is simply a compiled form of the Java file. The .class files are used by the Android to create an executable apk.
Activity – It is practically identical to a Frame/Window in GUI toolboxes. It's anything but a document or a record type. It is only a class that can be stretched out in Android for stacking UI components on view.

Que 6 - What are the different tools in Android and explain them?

The Android SDK and Virtual Device Manager:
Using it, the AVD and SKD packages are created and managed. It holds emulator, thereby, helping you to specify the supported SDK version, SD card storage available, screen resolution, and available hardware abilities.
The Android Emulator:
It is a usage of the Android virtual machine intended to keep running inside a virtual gadget on the PC. It is utilized for testing and troubleshooting Android applications.
Dalvik Debug Monitoring Service (DDMS):
It is utilized to screen and control the Dalvik virtual machines on which the applications are being fixed.
Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT):
Assembles the distributable Android bundle records '.apk'.
Android Debug Bridge(ADB):
It is a command-line troubleshooting application dispersed alongside the SDK. It gives apparatuses to peruse the gadget, duplicate devices and forward ports for investigating.

Que 7 - What is the Dalvik Virtual Machine?

Dalvik is a name simply given to the virtual machine of Android. It is an interpreter-only machine that shows the files in .dex format. This format is optimized for effective executions of storage and memory-mappable. The machine is can run classes that are put together by Java language compiler which are changed into its native format with the help of ‘dx’ tool. It runs on top of operating systems that are Posix-compliant and depends on it for doing low-level memory management functions. The Dalvik center class library is imagined to give a commonplace improvement base to those used to programming with Java Standard Edition, yet is intended unequivocally for the necessities of a little cell phone.

Que 8 - Define Android Runtime?

Android contains a lot of center libraries that gives the vast majority of the functions accessible in the central libraries of Java. All Android application keeps running in its very own procedure, with its very own occurrence of the Dalvik virtual machine. Dalvik has been written all together for the gadget to run various VMs. The VM is register-based and runs classes incorporated by a Java language compiler that have been changed into the '.dex' design by the included 'dx' tool.

Que 9 - Define Open Handset Alliance?

The OHA is a combination of 84 advancements and portable organizations that have held hands to quick follow the development in versatile innovation and simultaneously, offer the end-clients an improved, savvy and more extravagant versatile experience. Individuals from this coalition incorporate Google, HTC, Sony, Dell, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, Nvidia. The OHA was begun on fifth November 2007 by Google and 34 different organizations. Android is the fundamental programming of this collusion.

Que 10 - What is a Service?

A Service is an application part speaking to either an application's purpose to play out a more extended running activity without communicating with the client or to give usefulness to different applications to utilize. Administrations keep running without a committed GUI, yet like Activities and Broadcast Receivers, they are executable in the principle string of the application's procedure. A Service could be an office for an application to uncover a portion of its usefulness to different applications.
We hope the above-mentioned questions for the interview of Android App Development Certification job help you in passing the interview. For more such questions, kindly stay in touch with us.

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