DevOps Engineer Interview Questions

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Till now, the development engineers worked in isolation and restricted their skillsets to coding or testing. On the other hand, the operations engineers concentrate on conveyance and framework setup occupations, with insignificant information about programming and software development.

Nonetheless, with the quick-paced development of the IT area and innovations, the customary methodology of most IT organizations has seen a change in perspective. The DevOps culture acts as the right connecting bridge between IT development and operations. Also, it has become a well-known way for the development of software in the past few years.

In the recent data, it was found that around 80 percents of Fortune 1000 companies will move to DevOps by 2019. Furthermore, the survey carried out by demonstrates that the normal yearly compensation of a DevOps engineer in the U.S. is roughly $123,439.

Now that you have begun getting cross-training for the preparations of operations and development roles in IT, you will realize that it’s no less than a challenge. To provide your support for the same, we have compiled some of the most commonly asked DevOps interview questions and answers. Kindly read them here –

Que 1 - What do you know about DevOps?

Your answer must be basic and clear. Start by clarifying the developing significance of DevOps in the IT business. Talk about how such a methodology expects to synergize the endeavors of the advancement and activities groups to quicken the conveyance of programming items, with an insignificant disappointment rate. Incorporate how DevOps is a worth included practice, where advancement and tasks architects hold hands all through the product or service lifecycle, directly from the planning stage to deployment.

Que 2 - Why has DevOps gained prominence over the last few years?

Before discussing the developing fame of DevOps, talk about the present business situation. Start with certain instances of how enormous players, for example, Netflix and Facebook are putting resources into DevOps to mechanize and quicken application arrangement and how this has helped them develop their business. Utilizing Facebook, for instance, you would point to Facebook's nonstop arrangement and code proprietorship models and how these have helped it scale up yet guarantee the nature of involvement with a similar time. Several lines of code are executed without influencing quality, steadiness, and security.

Your next use case ought to be Netflix. This on-request video streaming organization pursue comparable practices with completely mechanized procedures and frameworks. Facebook has 2 billion customers while Netflix streams online content to 100+ millions of customers around the world. These are extraordinary instances of how DevOps can assist associations with ensuring higher achievement rates for releases, diminish the lead time between bug fixes, streamline and consistent conveyance through computerization, and a general decrease in labor costs.

Que 3 - How is Chef used as a CM tool?

The chef is viewed as one of the favored business-wide CM instruments. Facebook relocated its foundation and backend IT to the Chef stage, for instance. Clarify how Chef encourages you to maintain a strategic distance from postponements via robotizing forms. The contents are written in Ruby. It can incorporate cloud-based stages and arrange new frameworks. It gives numerous libraries to foundation advancement that can later be conveyed inside a product. Because of its incorporated administration framework, one Chef server is sufficient to be utilized as the center for deploying multiple policies.

Que 4 - How would you clarify the idea of "Framework as Code"(IaC)?

It is a smart thought to discuss IaC as an idea, which is once in a while alluded to as a programmable foundation, where the framework is seen similarly as some other code. Depict how the customary way to deal with overseeing framework is taking a rearward sitting arrangement and how manual setups, old apparatuses, and custom contents are winding up less dependable. Next, complement the advantages of IaC and how changes to the IT framework can be actualized in a quicker, more secure and simpler way utilizing IaC. Incorporate different advantages of IaC like applying customary unit testing and reconciliation testing to framework arrangements, and keeping up cutting-edge foundation documentation.

Que 5 - Discuss the role of AWS in DevOps?

At the point when posed this query in an interview, come to the heart of the matter by clarifying that AWS is a cloud-based administration given by Amazon that guarantees adaptability through boundless processing force and capacity. AWS engages IT undertakings to create and convey advanced items and send applications on the cloud. A portion of its key administrations incorporates Amazon CloudFront, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Relational Database Service, and Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud. Talk about the different cloud stages and underscore any enormous information extends that you have dealt with in the past utilizing cloud foundation.

Que 6 - How is IaC implemented using AWS?

Start by discussing the well-established components of composing directions onto content documents and testing them in a different domain before arrangement and how this methodology is being supplanted by IaC. Like the codes composed for different administrations, with the assistance of AWS, IaC enables engineers to compose, test, and keep up framework substances in an unmistakable way, utilizing arrangements, for example, JSON or YAML. This empowers simpler advancement and quicker sending of foundation changes.

As a DevOps engineer, an inside and out information of procedures, instruments, and pertinent innovation are required. You should likewise have an all-encompassing comprehension of the items, administrations, and frameworks set up. In the event that your answers coordinated the appropriate responses we've given above, you're fit as a fiddle for future DevOps interviews.

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