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The following blog on “ServiceNow interview questions” comprises of the most commonly asked queries that are put by the interviewers. All the questions listed here will help you in getting your basics clear regarding the ServiceNow basics.
Before reading these questions, we would like to add that if you have already been to a ServiceNow interview but gave some unanswered questions then do ask them in the comment section. We will be happy to answer all of them. Now without wasting any time, let’s get started with the ServiceNow Interview Questions. The following questions are divided into two sections:

Basic ServiceNow Interview Questions | Intermediate ServiceNow Interview Questions

Let’s get started -

Basic ServiceNow Interview Questions

Que 1 - Define ServiceNow?

It is an IT service management tool that is based on the cloud. A single system of record is provided by it for the following –

  • IT services
  • Business management
  • Operations                                                                                                                                 

All parts of IT Services live in the ServiceNow biological system. It gives us a total perspective on administrations and assets. This takes into account-wide control of how to best distribute assets and plan the procedure flow of those services.

Que 2 - Define ‘Application’ in ServiceNow?

Applications in ServiceNow speak about bundled solutions for conveying administrations and overseeing business forms. In straightforward words, it is a gathering of modules which gives data about those modules. For instance, the Incident application will give data regarding the Incident Management process.

Que 3 - What is the full form of CMDB and what is it?

The full form of CMDB is Configuration Management Database. It serves as an information distribution center for data innovation establishments. It holds information identified with an accumulation of IT resources and distinct connections between such resources.

Que 4 – Define LDAP Integration and what are its uses?

LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. You can utilize it for client information populace and client confirmation. ServiceNow coordinates with LDAP registry to streamline the client login process and to robotize the production of the client and allotting them jobs.

Que 5 - Define data lookup and record matching?

Data lookup and record coordinating component help to set a field worth dependent on some condition as opposed to composing scripts.
For instance:
On Incident structures, the lookup rules test information consequently. At that point, set the occurrence Priority dependent on the episode Impact and Urgency esteems. Data lookup guidelines permit indicating the conditions and fields where they need it to happen.

Que 6 - Define the CMDB Baseline?

CMDB Baselines will enable you, to comprehend and control the progressions made to an arrangement Item(CI). These Baselines go about as a preview of a CI.
Que 7 - How to enable or disable an application in ServiceNow?
Use the following steps to do it –

  • Go to the module titled “Application Menus.”
  • There choose the required app.
  • Thereafter, to enable it, set the value for active as ‘true’ and to disable it, set it to ‘false.’

Que 8 – Define view?
The way the fields on a list or form are arranged is defined by the view. For only one single form, you can define various views as per the preferences or requirement of the user.

Que 9 – Define ACL?

An ACL is an entrance control list that characterizes what information clients can access and how they can get to it in ServiceNow.

Que 10 - What do you mean by impersonating a user? How it is useful?

Mimicking or impersonating a client means giving the admin access to what the client can access. This incorporates similar menus and modules. ServiceNow records the admin activities when the client imitates another client. This component helps in testing. You can mimic that client and can test as opposed to logging out from your session and logging again with the client accreditations.


Intermediate ServiceNow Interview Questions

Que 11 - What are dictionary overrides?

Dictionary overrides give the capacity to characterize a field on an all-inclusive table uniquely in contrast to the field on the parent table. For instance, a dictionary override can change the value for a field on the Task [task] table on the Incident [incident] table without influencing the value on Task [task] or Change [change].

Que 12 - What do you mean by coalesce?

Coalesce is a property of a field used in change map field mapping. Combining on a field (or set of fields) gives you a chance to utilize the field as an exceptional key. In the event that a match is discovered utilizing the combined field, the current record will be refreshed with the data being imported. On the off chance that a match isn't discovered, at that point, another record will be embedded into the database.

Que 13 - What are UI policies?

UI policies powerfully change data on a structure and control custom procedure streams for assignments. UI strategies are an option in contrast to customer contents. You can utilize UI strategies to set compulsory fields, which are perused just and noticeable on a structure. You can likewise utilize UI policies for progressively changing a field on a structure.

Que 14 - What is a data policy?

With data policies, you can uphold information consistency by setting required and read states for fields. data policies are like UI arrangements, however, UI strategies just apply to information entered on a structure through the standard program. Information arrangements can apply principles to all information went into the framework, incorporating information acquired through email, import sets and information entered through the UI.

Que 15 - What is a client script?

Client script if for the client-side as well as it runs on the client-side only. Check the different types of client script:

  • OnSubmit()
  • OnLoad()
  • OncellEdit)
  • OnChange()

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