Power BI Interview Questions

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By taking the help of Power BI experts, we have curated a fully informative article for Power BI Interview Questions. In this blog, we will talk about the most relevant questions related to the Power BI certification, thereby, helping you ace the interview in any condition.

After Microsoft decided to put together various excel add-ons to create an independent tool, Power BI came into existence during late 2013. It became the primary contributing factor for the growth of Microsoft in the domain of Data Visualization and Business Intelligence during 2016-17.

Que 1 - What do you mean by Power BI?

Ans: Power BI is a data-sharing environment which is based on the cloud. Post developing reports with the help of Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power View, one can share insights easily with colleagues. And that’s where Power BI enters in the equation. Power BI is an aspect of SharePoint online and allows you to load Excel workbooks into the cloud. It also helps in sharing them with a group of co-workers selected by you. Not just that, your associates can interface with your reports to apply channels and slicers to feature information. They are finished by Power BI, a basic method for sharing your examination and experiences from the Microsoft cloud. Its features help you to –

  • Offer presentations and inquiries with your partners.
  • Update your Excel document from information sources that can be in the cloud or on-site.
  • Show the output on numerous gadgets. This incorporates PCs, tablets, and HTML 5-empowered cell phones that utilization the Power BI application.
  • Query your information utilizing characteristic language preparing.

Que 2 - What is Power BI Desktop?

Ans: Power BI Desktop is an application that can be installed directly on PC. Power BI Desktop works firmly with the Power BI administration by giving propelled information investigation, forming, displaying, and making a report with exceptionally intuitive representations. Save your work to a document or distribute your information and reports ideal to your Power BI site to share them with other people.

Que 3 - What data sources can Power BI connect to?

Ans: Being an extensive list of data sources for Power BI, it can be grouped into the following:

Files: Import data from Excel (.xlsx, xlxm), Power BI Desktop documents (.pbix) and Comma Separated Value (.csv).
Content Packs: It is an accumulation of related archives or documents that are put away as a group. In Power BI, there are two sorts of substance packs, right off the bat those from administrations suppliers like Google Analytics, Marketo or Salesforce and furthermore those made and shared by others in your organization.

Que 4 - What are Building Blocks in Power BI?

Ans: Here are the key components of Power BI:

  • Visualizations: It is a visual portrayal of information.
  • Example: Line Graph, Pie Chart, Graphical Presentation, Side by Side Bar Charts of the source data on top of TreeMap, Geographical Map, etc.
  • Datasets: It is a collection of data that is used by Power BI to create its visualizations.
  • Example: Oracle, Excel sheets or SQL server tables.
  • Reports: It is a collection of visualizations that come together on more than one page.
  • Example: Sales by State, Country, Logistic Performance report, City Report, Profit by Products report, etc.
  • Dashboards: It is single layer presentation of various visualizations, i.e more than one visualizations can be integrated into a one-page layer.
  • Example: The dashboard of sales can have geographical maps, pie charts, and bar charts.
  • Tiles: It is a single visualization in a report or on a dashboard.

Que 5 - What are the different types of filters in Power BI Reports?

Ans: There are various kinds of options that are provided by Power BI for filtering data, report, and visualization. Check the different Filter types here –

  • Visual-level Filters: These channels take a shot at just an individual perception, decreasing the measure of information that the representation can see. Also, visual-level channels can filter data as well as calculations.
  • Page-level Filters: These work at the report-page level. Various pages in a similar report can have distinctive page-level channels.
  • Report-level Filters: These work on the whole report, separating all pages and perceptions incorporated into the report.
  • We realize that Power BI visual have cooperations highlight, which makes separating a report a breeze. Visual collaborations are helpful, however, they accompany a few constraints:
  • The channel isn't spared as a feature of the report. At whatever point you open a report, you can start to play with visual channels yet there is no real way to store the channel in the spared report.
  • The filter is not saved as part of the report. Whenever you open a report, you can begin to play with visual filters but there is no way to store the filter in the saved report.

Que 6 - What are content packs in Power BI?

Ans: Content packs for administrations are pre-constructed answers for famous administrations as a feature of the Power BI experience. An endorser of a bolstered administration can rapidly interface with their record from Power BI to see their information through live dashboards and intelligent reports that have been pre-worked for them. Microsoft has discharged substance packs for mainstream administrations, for example, Salesforce.com, Marketo, Adobe Analytics, Azure Mobile Engagement, CircuitID, comScore Digital Analytix, Quickbooks Online, SQL Sentry and tyGraph.

Que 7 - How does SSRS integrate with Power BI?

Ans: Below is a portion of the courses through which SSRS can be incorporated with Power BI:

  • Certain SSRS Report things, for example, outlines can be stuck to Power BI dashboards.
  • Tapping the tile in Power BI dashboards will carry the client to the SSRS report.
  • Membership is made to keep the dashboard tile revived.
  • Power BI reports will soon have the option to be distributed to the SSRS portal.

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