Microsoft .NET Certification - Top .NET Interview Questions and Answers

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Becoming a .NET developer means staying in demand. Statically, there are large numbers of companies who are looking for qualified candidates who are .NET developers. To get such a job, you must be well prepared, including the ability to know about .NET Interview questions and answers. And that’s where our article helps you. Read ahead without skipping any question for assured success.

Que 1 - What is your training as a .NET developer?

As .NET isn’t taught in colleges, interviewers know that candidates have learned it via certification usually. Ergo, stick to the point while explaining the kind of training you have gained, including the on-the-job training. Tell them about your knowledge related to Common Language Runtime (CLR) and object-oriented programming (OOP). Discuss the ways you have learned to design, maintain good quality code, understood automate testing. In case you are using .NET for any personal projects, do talk about it. Interviewers want to hear how diversly you have learned .NET.

Que 2 - Which programming language(s) do you know best?

Knowing Visual Basic or C# is necessary if you are a Dot NET developer. If you want to make a difference then knowing both will surely help. Even though the title of the job is of a developer, .NET isn’t a programming language. Therefore, you must show your expertise in the language known best to you. Discuss the ways how you came to learn it along with the advantages and disadvantages.

Que 3 - Explain the .NET framework.

.NET works as a platform for creating various windows apps. It reinforces particular dialects to be specific, C#, VB, Cobol, and so forth. This system has a once-over of inbuilt functionalities, for example, class, library, and APIs which are used to build, send and run web organizations and unmistakable applications.

Que 4 - What are the basic parts of .NET? Clarify.

The basic .NET parts are Common Language Runtime, .NET Class library, Application area, .NET structure, Common Type System, Profiling, and so on. The class library involves a plan of classes that are used to get to the normal helpfulness. The handiness can be shared among different applications. In any case, the two basic parts are Class library and the Common Language Runtime.

Que 5 - Which .NET tools do you know?

Be prepared to discuss the instruments you know and use, similar to code versioning tools, for example, Git or SVN, any structures or libraries, the Visual Studio devices you may be acquainted with, .NET order line devices, Mono, .NET Core, and so on. Plan for your .NET questions by being prepared to discuss the instruments and how you've utilized them.

Que 6 - What is your .NET development experience?

We can't answer this question for you, yet we can mentor you to be prepared to answer it. The better knowledge you have for your .NET prospective employee interview, the better you'll perform. Thoroughly consider all your past encounters and feature whatever is most significant to the position you're meeting for. Likewise feature any specific abilities that may enable you to stick out, for example, having the option to compose reusable libraries or your insight into simultaneousness designs. Do you have involvement with well-known web application systems or Windows Presentation Framework? Being a .NET designer can mean a variety of things and your questioner could be making suppositions about you. Ensure your encounters are played up in the most ideal manner so they are sure about what you're prepared to do.

Que 7 - Can .NET support multiple languages? If so, how?

A language should adjust to the Common Language Runtime standard to end up a .NET language. In .NET, a code is amassed to Microsoft Intermediate Language known as Managed Code. This code is then kept running in a .NET domain and after the aggregation to the Intermediate Language, it's anything but an impediment any longer. A code executed in an accompanying way can utilize a capacity or bring in some other language.

Que 8 - Explain State management in ASP.NET?

It means keeping up the condition of the item. The item here alludes to a website page/control. There are two kinds of management, Client Side, and Server side.
Client-Side – It stores data in the system of a page or client which us reusable.
Server Side – It stores data on a server which can be easily maintained on the server instead of depending on the client so as to preserve the state.

Que 9 - Do you believe yourself to be a team player?

In spite of the generalization of the IT individual off in a desk area working in disconnection, the present .NET designer will likely be a piece of a group and subsequently needs great relational abilities. Exhibit your capacity to work with others, referring to explicit models in the event that you can.

Double your .NET Knowledge First

Shouldn't something be said about your .NET learning? Is everything it ought to be? Before strolling into your first .NET meeting, consider giving both your insight and validity a lift with a confirmation. An affirmation can enable you to audit your .NET information, show you new abilities, and give you something generous to add to your list of qualifications.

Learnoa provides .NET training and certification which will help you better understand the .NET space and .NET coding with the help of C#. The course renders an introduction on the significant parts of .NET development, including the data connections, Visual Studio Environment, and the C# language.

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